Setting up the CakePHP console in Windows 7

In our company I’ve become the unofficial “Framework Tester Guy”, because I always seem to be the one working on the latest version of our internal framework. Recently I decided to try out an established framework to develop a little personal project of mine. I picked cakephp for several reason.

I run Windows 7 on my home system and I couldn’t find a nice quick guide on setting up the cakephp console on windows 7 in a text format. Sure, there are screencasts, but sometimes having nice step by step text instructions is just easier, especially when your internet connection is acting up a bit and you can’t stream effectively (like when you stay in South Africa). So here are some quick and easy steps to set up the cakephp console in windows 7 on a WAMP server.

Step 1.
Click on the Start Menu button. Right Click on Computer and select Properties.
Step 1

Step 2.
Select Advanced System Settings from the side menu.
Step 2

Step 3.
Select Environmental Variables and under System Variables scroll down until you find the “path” entry.
Step 3

Step 4.
Click on edit and add the following to the end of the path.


Replace “c:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.0\” with the location of your server’s php files and replace “c:\wamp\www\cake\console\” with the location of the cake\console folder of your current project.

Now when you open up the windows console [start menu, run “cmd.exe”], you should be able to type cake into the command line and enjoy baking your apps just like everyone else.

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  1. Lunch Bags  says:

    Windows 7 is definitely the best OS aside from Windows Xp.

  2. sarthi says:

    Thanks a lot for your help

  3. Kundan singh gaira Nainital says:

    Framework Tester Guy

    You are great…

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