Breadcrumbs in google search results

If you configure your site correctly and have a breadcrumb trail as part of your site, you can get that trail to display in google, as in the following image :

Google breadcrumb view

Google breadcrumb view

Having breadcrumbs display in google can really help draw visitors to your site as they will be able to see exactly where they are going. I took a quick look at trying to get this set up :

Matt Cutts from google recently released a video on youtube explaining how you can get your breadcrumbs to register on google, and I followed his advice. So I checked out this website that actually has its breadcrumbs displayed on google — this is what their code looks like:

<p class="breadcrumb">
You are here: <a href="pebble.asp?id=1">Home</a> » <a href="pebble.asp?relid=91">Mobile</a>
» <a href="pebble.asp?relid=1423">Gadget's Phone of the Year</a>	

I think the fact that they used “breadcrumb” as their css class name helped google pick it up. I also think that keeping it separate from your document data, and putting it in your header, will help as well. The best format to use is probably something like [ link > link > link ] or [link » link » link]

Good luck!

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